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Earn Balance, Spend Balance!

G2Play.Net is about fun and rewards. We love the fact that you are here so you should be rewarded for it! How? It’s simple! Have you bought something here? You will receive some Balance. A lot of it!

The gathered Balance can be spent anytime with no limitations. You can choose how much Balance to spend and when to do it.

How to earn Balance

    + 0,01 € Balance added to your account for every 1€ spent.
    + 0,1 € Balance added for every 10 € spent.
    + 1 € Balance added for every 100 € spent.


You can also buy balance by clicking here!

Affiliate Program Is Live!

Alongside with introducing Balance, we’ve launched G2Play.Net Affiliate Program thanks to which you are able to share special referral links with your friends, fans and basically anyone. When someone makes a purchase through your link, you will earn a 3% commission - it’s that simple! And it’s directly added to your Balance! How cool is that?!

Any questions? Here are the answers:

Q: Why should I buy Balance?

It helps when it comes to certain payment methods and their limitations (e.g. Paysafecard)

Q: What about my current Reward Points?

Don’t worry! Your current Reward Points will be converted into Balance in rate 1000 Reward Points = 1 €!

Q: Can I make a payout of my Balance?

You can payout only your affiliate commision from sales. Balance earned by purchasing products on G2Play.Net can’t be paid out.

Q: Can I use Balance along with other payment options?

Yes. You can use Balance together with any of the available payment methods such as PayPal, Bancontact, VISA etc

Q: When is Balance added to my account?

First off, make sure you're logged in. Sometimes purchases require a verification by G2Play.Net Customer Support. After a successful verification, Balance will be added to your account.

Q: Other questions?

Send us an email with your questions, chat with the G2Play.Net staff through live chat or contact us on Facebook.

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