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Release date: 09/08/2018

Step into a strange and mysterious land where monsters and dragons are a constant threat. Use a variety of weapons and your own hunting skills to take them down. Learn to track, hunt and fight mythical creatures in Monster Hunter: World, a hit action RPG with a tactical twist.

Always prepare! To overcome the magical creatures, you will need to gear up and think about your approach. Intelligent and powerful opponents can turn the hunt into a long and demanding battle of skill and wit.


  • Living, breathing world
    The New World is more than just a setting. It's a complete ecosystem, with creatures fighting for territory and food. You are a stranger in this strange land, so watch your every step.
  • Explore and track
    Finding your prey is a challenge in itself. Be observant and follow the tracks. Always remember that the monsters know the land better and can use it to their advantage.
  • Tools of a hunter
    Customize your arsenal and maximize your effectiveness. With the countless tools at your disposal, discover your own way of hunting.

Make this beloved, critically acclaimed game even bigger with the Monster Hunter World: Iceborne - an enormous expansion with a whole new land to explore, new gear, new monsters, and even tougher challenges. Get it HERE.