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Release date: 27/09/2018

Each session features a group of up to six players, where every player is randomly assigned the role of civilian or monster, with a max. of two monsters.

If you are a civilian:

  •  Elaborate a team strategy, but don’t trust your teammates.
  •  Suspect everyone and question players’ every move as you narrow down the list of possible shapeshifters.
  •  Save as many passengers and kill as many monsters as you can.
  •  But watch out: once infected by a monster, you have just a few moves to heal, otherwise you’ll become a monster yourself.
  •  Make the most of the loot from boxes around the starship: a combination of two weapons will give you a unique ultimate ability that you can use to turn the tide of battle.
If you are a monster:
  •  Make use of your disguised appearance.
  •  Participate in the conversation to learn your enemies’ strategy and adapt to it.
  •  Take advantage of your species: you can see everything that your fellow monster sees.
  •  Infect the passengers to respawn if you are disclosed and killed.
  •  Infect the civilians to turn them into ones of your own.

Each turn for civilians and monsters has two time-limited stages:

  •  Planning Stage: players choose their actions;
  •  Action Stage: all planned actions are executed at the same time.

If you’re reading this, you’ve already seen the trailer and screenshots. So, there’s really no need to say more. Go grab your copy and prepare for adventure!