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Buy Party Arena: Board Game Battler Steam CD Key

Buy Party Arena: Board Game Battler Steam CD Key

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Release date: 21/03/2020

DESTROY YOUR FRIENDS strategically on the BOARDGAME and in a ton of MINI-GAMES. 2-4 Players. NO DICE ROLLS. Dedicated servers. Fast games (20 minutes total)! Use crazy items to COMBO to victory!


  • 100% Strategy and Skill
    No dice rolls. Choose where you move. Top place finishers in mini games go first.
  • Items with real affect on the board. Combo Items for Maximum Impact
    Bomb someone into a spike trap. Push them off a ledge. Lay traps to block your opponent's plans. The board game is entirely under your control.
    Out think your opponents to win.
  • Crazy, Skilled, Strategical Mini Games
    Gone are single player mini games dressed as multiplayer. In Party Arena, every game is a real PvP experience. Outplay your opponent, not the AI.
  • Dedicated Servers
    Stop losing because someone else is hosting.