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Killzone Shadow Fall - Season Pass DLC US PS4 CD Key

Killzone Shadow Fall - Season Pass DLC US PS4 CD Key
Action Third-Person Shooter
PlayStation 4
United States
Release date: 15 Nov, 2013
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This is a restricted product and it can be activated and played ONLY in United States
Requires the base game Killzone Shadow Fall on PlayStation 4 in order to play.
Price: $11.74
Sold by: AllGoodKeys
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[12947] $11.74 Buy now

Receive access to the following DLC packs as they become available:

  • Online co-op expansion pack

Focusing on team play and intense combat, the online co-op expansion pack adds a new co-operative game mode in which you and up to three online friends must survive against impossible odds. Fight waves upon waves of enemies in four new arena maps, featuring a unique leveling system and new unlocks.

  • Three online co-op map packs

Each map pack consists of two brand-new arena maps you can play in co-op mode with your friends. Please note that these arena maps will only work with the online co-op expansion pack.

  • Two additional multiplayer expansion packs

Featuring many additional hours of multiplayer thrills!

Bonus Exclusive DLC

  • Exclusive OWL combat drone skin - Customize your OWL Combat Drone’s appearance
  • Exclusive Multiplayer Spotlight move - Humiliate your fallen enemies in Multiplayer

Key activation

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  1. Go to Redeem Codes.
  2. Follow the on-screen instructions to enter the voucher code details. (Once complete, select Continue.)
  3. Select Confirm.
  4. Select Download. (Once complete, the item will be added to your Download List.)
  5. Access your content. (Go to the relevant category on the XMB™ Menu to start playing your content.)

If you have any problems regarding activation, please contact us:


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