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Release date: 22/05/2020

"This galaxy is ours." — Emperor Elion VII

A fairly straightforward statement, although not one echoed by all of the other factions in the galaxy. HEXTERMINATE puts you in command of the Imperial flagship, under orders to conquer the galaxy. Diplomacy has been discarded in favour of the "more firepower" approach, as 'making friends' is not on the Emperor's agenda. How difficult can it be?


  • Modular construction
    Each ship is built out of hexagonal modules which slot together, including armour, reactors and weapons. With dozens of different types and rarity levels, you build the spec you want. It is your choice how you will tackle galactic conquest: from massive behemoths with layered armour to blitzing sniper battlecruisers. Given that every module is individually destructible, a few well placed shots at your enemy's ships can be devastating.
  • A living galaxy
    The galaxy changes over time as the various factions vie for power. Fleets embark on missions, sectors are won and lost, every game will play out differently. Even in the middle of a fight reinforcements can turn the tide for either side.
  • Your own fleet
    Assemble a fleet to accompany you in your quest, from long range gunships, front-line battleships and support vessels. Or decide to keep all the glory for yourself, fighting on your own against a hostile galaxy.
  • Perk system
    Further customise how you tackle HEXTERMINATE by acquiring perks as you destroy enemy ships: from access to experimental ships to add to your fleet to increased rate of fire for each landed shot, you'll find a range of options to complement your style of play.