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Craft Legend - Starter Pack DLC Android Key

Craft Legend - Starter Pack DLC Android Key
Adventure Platformer
Region free
Release date: 10 Jan, 2020
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Requires the base game Craft Legend on Android in order to play. Base game is free to play.
Price: $24.51
Sold by: Herman P.
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Herman P.

Community offer $24.51 Buy now


  • 1x Solaris Dregea Trophy
  • 5000x Silver coins
  • 1x High Grade Whetstones
  • 10x Essence bag
  • 10x Damaged trap component
  • 10x Large Crystallite
  • 5x Extension scroll
  • 20x Reincarnation Gems
  • 10x Rare Omni Egg Splinters

Craft Legend is a free-to-play 3D Sandbox RPG hosted on IGG's global shared server.

Embark on an epic adventure with pets and followers fighting by your side. Overcome various challenges such as monster invasions, guild wars, hunger, and more. The possibilities are endless!

Do you enjoy adventure and RPGs? Delve into the dungeons and take on the bosses!
Are your creative juices overflowing? Design and build a beautiful home!
Enjoy earning money? Craft and sell gear! Become a farming tycoon!
Crave the social experience? Meet new friends! Organize gatherings!
Perhaps PvP or tower defense is more your thing? Build an airship and lead an army of monsters to invade other players' homes!


  • Biomes
    Explore the Forest, Snowy, Desert, Blight, Jungle, and Volcanic Biomes! Uncover the secrets hidden within!
  • Build Unique Homes
    Mine materials to craft your dream home! Raid monster lairs for legendary furniture!
  • Immersive Experience
    Realistic weather patterns, the passing of time, changing seasons, and more!
  • Survive the Unforgiving Land
    Deal with Goblins, insects, cannibals, and many other nasty creatures that are out for your blood!
  • Thrilling PvP
    DIY your very own Airship! Lead an army to raid other players!
  • Multiplayer Dungeons
    If it gets lonely, join a party! Nothing like an adventure with friends!
  • OS: Android 5.0 and up

Key activation

In order to activate the product please follow instruction below:

Option 1, from a web browser:

  1. Enter
  2. In the left menu, click "Redeem" (a message that open the session with your Google Account, will appear if you have not already).
  3. Enter the promotion code in the appropriate field and click "Redeem".
  4. The game associated with the specified code will be registered in your library and you can install Android on the tablet SHIELD.

Option 2 app from Google Play tablet SHIELD:

  1. Open the Google Play Store application of SHIELD Tablet.
  2. On the home page, click the icon in the upper left corner to open the menu.
  3. Select "Redeem".
  4. Enter the promotion code in the appropriate field and select "Redeem".
  5. The application will direct you to the download page Game Play Store, where you can install.

If you have any problems regarding activation, please contact us:


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